Creating Digital Flashcards

Goals for Students:
  • Collaborate in pairs or small groups to create six (6) flashcards as review for the "Living Environments" Regents Exam
  • Each pair will specialize in one of the six (6) topics
  • Class will share and tutor each in area of specialization
  • Extend classwork by use of free mobile application and receive extra class credit


Step One - Organize for action

    • Period 7: 

  • Each person will use their laptop and together be logged into the same account
  • When you first log in, you will see a screen like this:

Step Two - Set it Up
  • Choose a folder with the name of your topic (Cells, Ecology, Evolution, etc...)
  • Below is a screenshot of progressing in the program
  • Make sure you fill out the information as picture - pay careful attention to the areas with red marks - click on "Save Set Details" when done

Step Three - Cards to Create
  • Click on the "Quick Editor"
  • Create a total of six (6) blank cards
  • Use the information at this site to create terms and definitions (Note - there will be a live demonstration)

Part Four - Study and Surpass
  • Click on "Save & Exit" and return to the main menu
  • Now click on "Start Study Session" to review your work
  • Set up a quiz for another group

Part Five - The Super Bonus
  • Get Ten (10) points added to your last benchmark by showing one of the following:
    • You have flashcard machine free app loaded on your phone
    • You have successfully completed three quizzes
    • You signed up for a personal account to continue learning