Election Day Professional Development: November 8, 2011:

Afternoon Session Agenda

Goals:  Teachers will

  • Review data and feedback about school infrastructure and use of educational technology
  • Engage in activities to enhance communication and progress in the development of a 21st century learning environment.
  • Reach 100% activation rate of teacher accounts of school domain. 
  • Create a cloud-based presentation and draft an initial web page to support classroom instruction.
Housekeeping: Please fill out the I-Observation Evaluation


  • HOPschool Launch:  Our Innovation Goals
  • What does the data tell us ...
  • A simple technique to improve email communication

  • Our Next Steps
    • Lunch and Learn:  Professional Development schedule
    • A deeper look at the data ....

    Getting Ready for the Common Core
    • Text Complexity
    • Expanding the use of literacy skills
    • Informational Text  Smack-Down

    Your Classroom in the Clouds

    Q & A 

    Workshop Evaluation

    PART 6: Power of Words/Sound & Rap-Matics Performances [HQ] from P.Way // ESCO International on Vimeo.