Google Modules

*facilitated by Sebastian Mondone

1Emails & GroupsBeginnerThe basics of using your HOPschool email – creating a signature – using and creating “groups”
1Emails  & GroupsAdvancedCreating a signature; synching with Smart phones; auto-forwarding to other accounts; using and creating groups; setting group ‘permissions’ for individual members
2CalendarsBeginnerCreating and sharing a calendar / Exploring Views /setting up alerts and notifications / synching with a Smart Phone
2CalendarsAdvancedCreating and sharing a calendar / Setting up alerts and notifications / synching with a Smart Phone /enabling Labs
3DocumentsBeginnerThe basics of using Google docs / multiple authors simultaneously creating one document /”Collections” / Your complete on-line storage capabilities / Slideshows, Spreadsheets + Forms
3DocumentsAdvanced“Collections” / Your complete on-line storage /Using forms to create color-coded response sheets / Curriculum Map options
4SitesBeginningHow to get started with your own web-site/ basic editing / setting permissions/ embedding slideshows and forms
4SitesAdvancedSetting permissions / Template & Theme options / embedding various docs and videos through HTML codes
5Technology & PedagogyAll LevelsUsing the tools to improve the teaching – How to create meaningful engagements and assessment through our Google domain.
6Planning, Presentations & PortfoliosAll LevelsStudents now have the same tools that you have – how will you plan for their achievement in accordance with the Common Core Learning Standards?

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