The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt

  Health Opportunities HS is a small, innovative 9-12 public high school located in the Bronx, NY        




 350 GERARD AVENUE                                                             

  BRONX, NY 10451


(718) 401-1826 

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Impact Day at CSSJ/HOP


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                                        IN THIS SCHOOL

                                 WE DO SECOND CHANCES

                                            WE APOLOGIZE

                                        WE FORGIVE EASILY

                                  WE RESPECT EACH OTHER

                                    WE KEEP OUR PROMISES

                                        WE NEVER GIVE UP

                                WE ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER

                                         WE LAUGH OFTEN

                                               WE BELONG

                                            WE ARE A FAMILY

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HOP Students @Education Nation

In the fall of 2011, three of our students traveled to Education Nation as citizen journalists.
 Education Nation is a yearly national summit on education hosted by NBC. Our students had the life-changing opportunity to interview world famous individuals like Arne Duncan, 
Tom Brokaw, Lebron James and many others, as part of the 
 Roadtrip Nation experience.  Watch, and get inspired.

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